What You need to know about the use of CBD Oil

We hear about CBD oil almost daily, when we roam the internet. That is mostly due to the fact that scientists keep finding new health benefits coming from it. It makes it that much more important to know the basic information on the product, which is how long does it stay in our system and how frequently can we use it? Here is what you need to know on CBD oil, before you start adding it to your daily diet.

How long does CBD remain in Our System?

There are multiple reasons why it is important to know how long CBD stays inside us. First, it helps to define how much CBD oil we can ingest daily. Secondly, it tells us how long the effect will last. To the point, the answer is that it will depend on the way the person eats. We don’t consider this enough, in the way we consume food supplement, but what we eat, and in which quantity, will greatly modify the way it affects us. It is true about CBD oil, but for any other food supplement, as well. Those who tend to eat more fat will find that the CBD remains inside their body for a longer period of time. That is because food (and especially fatty ones) helps keep the substance inside us. Therefore, it is better to eat before we ingest CBD oil, if we want it to work longer. Always look for quality CBD oil. Here is a site that will inform you on where to buy CBD oil in Australia.

However, no matter how you eat, studies have shown that CBD tends to remain in your body for days. That is what one of the studies released in 2020 showed, in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology. A regular dose of CBD could still be identified, in average, four to five days after absorption.

How Frequency and Quantity can change the duration of CBD

If you only use CBD every once in a while, chances are that it will come in and go out in a few days, without leaving any beneficial effect, afterwards. However, if you take it on a regular basis, the benefits will accumulate through time, as a build-up is being created, inside our fatty tissues. The other element that will greatly change the effect of the CBD oil, is the quantity you take. Another study from 2005, published inside the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Journal, showed that a quantity of 1.35 mg of CBD oil, could not be found anymore after five hours. But at a higher level, it could still be detected days later.

How You consume CDB Oil Also Matters

It has been proven that depending on the way you consume the CBD oil, it will either last longer or disappear sooner. For example, inhaling CBD will enter the bloodstream faster, but it will also leave it more rapidly. The oral intake of CBD oil is much better, in terms of duration. Studies have shown that when ingesting CBD oil, it can remain in your system for two to five days (depending on the quantity being consumed, while remaining inside the suggested doses). It was not a surprise for the scientists leading the study, since the intake of a substance orally has to be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract. That takes longer to happen than if you inhale a product, which ends-up going straight to your bloodstream.

In the end, we can conclude that a healthy individual ingesting a regular dose of CBD oil, will take between 14 and 17 hours to eliminate it from his body. That will not completely erase its presence, though. For that, it will take about 85 hours.