How to Tan Rapidly, Beautifully and without Sunburn

In the Northern countries, as soon as the sun starts getting a little bit warmer, in March or April, everyone heads out to a terrace to enjoy a meal or to have a drink with friends. And when the sun is at full strength, it is time to tan and to get dark as fast as possible. However, as we’ve seen in the last few years, the sun is a friend which can turn rapidly into an enemy. Here are tips on how to tan fast without danger.

Looking Tanned and Looking Healthy

There is no doubt that a sun tan adds to how we look. It is almost taboo today to say to someone with a darker tan, provided by the sun, that they look healthier. Because of the danger of cancer that sun exposure can cause, mentalities have started to change a little. But in general, the culture still associates a nice soft tan to looking better, even sexier.

Trying to tan rapidly is not necessarily the best way to go, but it is possible to do so without putting your health at risk. We will describe how through this article. That said, it is important to keep in mind that the sun can cause serious skin damage if not handled properly. It can go from creating more wrinkles to skin cancer. We should always be aware of the danger, so we can protect ourselves accordingly.

Getting Ready to Tan

The sun is out, its rays are warm, now you just need to decide where to go to lie down and start leaving the paleness of winter behind you. Depending on where you live, there are many possibilities for you to do so. If you like to sunbathe naked than you can either stay at home, if the neighbours can’t see you or find a beach for nudists. If you are fine with having sun marks on your body, than you can find a pool, a park, a beach or go to a friend’s house and start enjoying the sun in your bathing suit.

First thing you need to do before you can lazily enjoy the warmth and let the tension leave you, is put on some sunscreen lotion. Today, with all the studies and reports that have been published about the dangerous effects of the UV rays, you should never lie down to take some sun without protecting yourself a minimum. Don’t worry, they let the sun rays through and you will get darker, only in a healthier less dangerous way.

Of course, if you want to tan fast, you can always use low SFP lotions. The lower you go, the less protected you’ll be. Anything between 4 and 15 today is considered low. If this is the first time you sunbathe in the year, these will probably not protect you from getting sunburn, unless you plan to stay a very short time under the sun. You can do it but if you do get sunburn, you won’t get darker. You’ll just get red, it will hurt and when it’s done your skin will peel away, leaving you to start all over again. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to go back under the sun for a few days either, while you look like a cooked lobster!

For those who can’t wait to get their darker color back, a 30 SPF cream, lotion or oil can certainly do the trick. Just be very conscious of the temperature of your skin so you can add some more protection as the day goes on, when you will need it. It is recommended to start the season with a 50 SPF product, though. Your skin is very fragile under the first sun rays of the year, and this type of protection will enable it to adapt to the strength of the sun while you will still get good colouring on your body. In fact, a 50 SPF lotion is currently the norm recommended to wear on you at all time. But once the skin is darker, you can go down without too much risk at 25/30 SPF, while making sure that you don’t forget to put some more on your body throughout the day, especially when you come out of the pool or the sea if your sunscreen is not water resistant. If you go lower, be careful how long you stay outside in full exposure. A lip balm containing SPF 15 is also suggested or put extra virgin oil on your lips.

For a Beautiful Tan: Hydrate Your Skin

You should replenish your skin every day when you sun bathe. Once you have taken a shower to remove the sunscreen lotion, use a moisturizing cream and cover your whole body. You should also have one especially for your face, which is a more fragile part of you. If you never forget to do so, your tan will get darker and you will keep it for much longer since the skin won’t peel away.