Burn Your Belly Fat with Homemade Body Wraps

With summer coming up fast, we all want to lose some of that belly fat that we’ve been accumulating while stuck indoors for long periods of time. Some will exercise, some will cut down on food, but did you know that you can also use body wraps to burn belly fat?

The last curve we want in our body is the one that appears in front of our waistline. However, it is often the most difficult part of the body to keep flat throughout the year. We often forget that body wraps can help reduce the belly fat. We also often think that we need to go to a spa or a beauty salon to have them done, when in fact we can easily prepare them at home. Here are some recipes you can try.

Acetic Body Wrap

This is the best known body wrap to lose weight and it is perfect to use at home. As the name suggests, it is based on vinegar, which has a wide range of beneficial effects for your skin and your body. When you place the vinegar on your skin, it will slowly evaporate and create a refreshing sensation. To counteract the cold, your body will then go into energy mode to create more heating. To do so, it will start splitting the fat under the skin of your stomach, which you will then evacuate naturally while losing some of that belly fat.

This body warp also has other benefits. It is a great way to aid your skin to remain healthy. The acids in the vinegar will accelerate the regeneration of the skin, which in turn will help reduce the number and depth of stretch marks. It will also bring a bunch of vitamins and minerals inside your skin, nourishing it. This will translate in an acceleration of the collagen synthesis which will make your abdomen skin more elastic. The cooling effect will also remove cellulite bumps, reduce oedema and help the loss of weight.

Coffee Body Wrap

Coffee can stimulate your mind, but it can also act as a bio-stimulator for your body. The caffeine it contains is the element that brings it all its benefits. By using a coffee body wrap, you will combat cellulite and burn fat at the same time. Perhaps its best quality can be found in the fact that it rejuvenates and tone the skin; something everyone is looking for as they grow a little older.

To prepare a coffee body wrap, mix the ground coffee beans to hot water so it turns into a paste. Once it is ready and still warm, apply it on your belly before wrapping it on yourself by using food plastic wrap. To optimize the effect of the wrap, place a warm blanket over that part of your body. For additional benefits, don’t hesitate to add a mix of honey, essential oils or olive oil to the coffee paste.

Honey and Mustard Body Wrap

Honey and mustard complement each other perfectly for a body wrap. First, the mustard will create warmth on the skin which will enable the pores to open up. This will, in turn, make your body sweat profusely and harmful substances will come out with the sweat at the same time. The end result is that you will release excess fluid, evaporate some of the fat and therefore lose weight. While your body does all this, the honey will come inside it to nourish and replenish it. The mix helps the process of lipolysis and accelerates the metabolic process which will fight cellulite and, again, burn body fat.

To prepare the mixture, you will need powder mustard and honey which you will mix together. For the first body wrap, use only a small amount of mustard as the effect can be quite strong on the skin, and it is better to discover if you are allergic to it before placing a larger quantity on your body. You can also add to the mix some olive oil and body cream to soothe the skin more. When ready, apply it to the part of your body you want to treat, wrap it with food plastic and add the warm blanket over it. Keep it for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing in a warm shower.

More Body Wraps

There are many other body wraps which will help you lose body fat. Clay is often used to fight cellulite and help with the elasticity of your skin, while getting rid of an excess of fluid. The advantage of clay is that it does both part of the work: It will absorb all the bad elements coming out of you, through a sponge effect, while nourishing your skin back with useful nutrients.

Specialists suggest proceeding with your body wraps just before going to bed. That is when our body generates Weigtsomatropin hormones which help in our beauty process. It will also help you fall asleep faster and get into a deep sleep.


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  1. Mary Garcia says:

    Great article!

    I gained a lot of pounds since I started working from home. I promised myself to lose weight. Although I have been doing some home exercises, I think it’s not enough in burning body fat. I try this and hopefully it will help.

    Stay safe and healthy!


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