Author: Marc L.

Discover the Thrilling World of Airsoft: A Sporting Hobby with Countless Benefits

aiesoft game

As an adrenaline-packed sport that combines physical exercise, strategy, and teamwork, Airsoft has garnered a passionate following across the globe. This exciting hobby offers numerous advantages for both new and experienced players alike. From honing your mental abilities to promoting camaraderie among teammates, we delve into the many benefits of practicing this exhilarating sporting hobby. […]

The Importance of a Sustainable Healthcare System in India, Post-pandemic

Health Care

In a world which has become smaller, with all countries connected to each other economically but also physically through travel, all regions of the world need a functioning health care system to protect us from pandemics like COVID-19. But for the largest states, such as China and India, this is even more important, since the […]

How do I log into my HR CVS?


Everyone working at CVS needs to be enrolled into the program MyCVSHR. This is a direct link between CVS employees and the management team, as well as Human Resources. It enables employees to manage their daily life inside the company in a much simpler way, and for their manager to provide them with the info […]

Reverse Crunches: What Are their Benefits and How to Create a Routine with Variations?

Reverse crunches

It is well known in the field of training that crunches are necessary to any training routine. In a world that moves fast and where we work long hours, staying in shape is the only way to go through our days with energy and efficiency. Reverse stomach crunches will help reinforce the body which will […]

Sweaty, Smelly, Sticky Skin: What Causes Perspiration and How to reduce it?

Perspiration stain

For some people, sweating can be a real problem. Not everyone perspire in equal quantity and in the same areas. For those who sweat profusely, it can quickly become very uncomfortable when placed in social situations. What causes these variations from one individual to another, and how can we protect ourselves from over perspiring?

Why do I Have a Constant Sweet Taste in My Mouth and how can it Be Solved?

Woman eating a muffin

When you eat a piece of candy or chocolate, you will automatically register a sweet taste in your mouth. But we can safely assume that you already know this will not be topic if this article. For some people this sweet taste appears without inserting any kind of sugary food inside their mouth. That can […]