Why do I Have a Constant Sweet Taste in My Mouth and how can it Be Solved?

When you eat a piece of candy or chocolate, you will automatically register a sweet taste in your mouth. But we can safely assume that you already know this will not be topic if this article. For some people this sweet taste appears without inserting any kind of sugary food inside their mouth. That can possibly indicate a health issue which should be looked into. Here are a few reasons why this can occur and how you can treat the problem.

Causes and Solutions

You will find below various health issues which can cause that sweet taste in your mouth followed by how to treat it. Naturally, it is always better to have a doctor follow your treatment, so make sure you talk to one before taking any medicine.


Diabetes is a disease which affects the level of sugar in the blood. It is caused by a dysfunction which modifies the renal metabolism of insulin. It can be a cause of sweet taste in the mouth, since there is a high level of sugar in the bloodstream.

However, people with diabetes could be less sensitive to the taste of sweets, which would explain their craving for anything sugary. This could be a problem since any intake will just increase the symptoms associated to their health issue which are inflammation, cardiovascular accident or a reduction in the strength of the immune system.

How to Treat This?

Most diabetics already know that there are treatments available which can stabilize the blood sugar and insulin levels inside their body. This would also remove the issue of constant sweetness in the mouth. But the best way to treat diabetes is to follow a very strict diet which a doctor will explain to the patient upon diagnosis.


People suffering from sinusitis are prone to a variation of tastes in their mouth, including the sweet taste. This is caused by viruses and bacteria which affect the nerves and result in some changes in the capacity to taste correctly. One known bacteria which can be responsible for this change is called Pseudomonas. It can be the cause for sinusitis which explains the sweet taste.

How to Treat This?

When you visit a doctor for a sinusitis, the treatment will usually be antibiotics. The specialist will choose the one most appropriate to cure the disease which is causing it. Do not take antibiotics without seeing a doctor. Only he will know if you need it and which one will work in your particular case.

Improper Diets

An unbalanced diet can also be the cause of sweet taste in the mouth. When there are some deficiencies in the diet, nutritionists say it can cause this unpleasantness in the mouth. They came to that conclusion following a study on a group of men who were served with unbalanced meals for 60 days. One of the results was that 80% of the men suddenly developed that sweet taste while others experienced changes which included sour, salty and fatty tastes inside their mouth. A subsequent study indicated that zinc, folic acid, and vitamin B deficiency also cause strange changes in taste.

How to Treat This?

It is obvious that the solution to an improper diet is a balanced one. What we now, from the experiences mentioned above, is that you don’t need to be a diabetic to suffer from the sweet taste in mouth. Anyone eating too much sugary or acidic food will encounter a negative impact on the level of insulin or blood sugar in the body. It is recommended to avoid artificial sweeteners, sodas and candies to keep away the sweet taste in mouth feeling.

Other Health Conditions which can Result in a Sweet Taste Problem

There are a variety of other causes for which we do not have a solution to. They are health conditions which can be responsible for the sweet taste in mouth problem. Here is a quick description for each of them:

Neurological Disorders

Problems in nerve signals may mean that we cannot experience the sense of taste as it should be. Canadian scientists have shown that strokes and multiple sclerosis are two neurological disorders that can lead to the sweet taste problem, but there are also others that can do the same, including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease or a brain tumour.

Gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD)

People suffering from GERD find themselves with digestive enzymes thrown back all the way up to the throat. This is caused by a stomach acid imbalance which can also result in a change in tastes. Pregnant women might also experience this for the same reason (acid reflux).


The Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuretic Hormone Secretion (SIADH) can modify how someone tastes things in his mouth. This happens in cases of cancers such as lung carcinoma, which causes sodium depletion resulting from an unbalanced antidiuretic hormone secretion.

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  1. Abubakar Umar says:

    I can with high level of certainty conclude that my case is caused by improper diets.
    This happens to me often around time when I am away on my own for several weeks

  2. I have had a constant sweet taste, sugar, in my mouth for 2 months now. All blood work and urine are normal and just had a cat scan from throat to lungs and its all good.
    Have an appt. with ear,nose and throat and maybe neurology after that.

    1. Oh my god Frances, that’s what happened to me for the past 3 weeks. I went to the Doc today. I feel absolutely normal, other than this annoying sweet taste in my mouth. My Doc so far has no idea what’s going on. He said he’d do some research on it, then get it back to me.

    2. Any feedback regarding the sweet taste ?

    3. Aaron Cornish says:

      Any updates? I have recently been experiencing sweet taste

  3. Oghenovo Grace says:

    I have sweet taste in my mouth for the past 6months.
    Ii aslo have heart burnt.After medical examination,I was diagonized to have ulcer.
    Meanwhile,I had noticed frequent urination too.
    What are the natural home treatment I can take.
    Thank you

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