Everything You Need to Know about Eye Colors

Tell me what color are your eyes and I’ll tell you a little bit about you. Like other elements of our lives (our zodiac sign, our hair colour…) they can help uncover a part of our personality.

Eyes are Unique

Next time you look into someone’s eyes, take a look at the white. Its contrast with the eye color will also be quite revealing. But let’s face it; it isn’t what we usually notice when we exchange looks between one another. The color of the eyes contains a unique beauty which is quite different from one person to another. They say that you can see in them a reflection of the soul as well as of the heart, but maybe there is even more to discover.

There are many elements that render the eyes unique. Their shape, the distance between each other, the lashes; they all add to someone’s charm and personality. But the color has always been central to the fascination. It comes through in songs, poems, even in movies with facial shots lasting longer, just to attract your attention on them. Eyes are truly unique and there is nothing quite like getting lost in those of your loved one.

Heredity Provides Personality Traits

There have been many studies on the relation between eye colors and people’s personality. The reason why it makes sense is that the eye color is hereditary and therefore brings with it all of the family history as well as the one from the whole human race. Although eye color usually remains the same throughout your lifetime, they do acquire other characteristics through time that are very personal.

Thanks to the various studies mentioned before, we know that almost 90% of the population around the world have brown eyes. That in itself creates interest for eyes of different colors as they are quite rare. These other colors are: blue, gray and green, the latter being the rarest one as it can only be found on 2% of people. The Baltic region is the one with the less brown eyes as 99% of its population has blue eyes.

Let’s take a look at each eye colors to determine what kind of personality they reflect:

Brown Eyes

Since brown eyes are so common, it is obvious that you can find them on people with any skin colour, from light to dark. With such a vast majority, it is more difficult to establish particular general traits. However, it has been shown that brown eyed people are usually quite creative. They show strong signs of optimism, independence and they are found to be reliable.

Many of them are considered friendly, loyal, caring and often extremely sociable. They are closer to the people that matter in their lives than to colleagues or simple friends. They don’t tend to be dreamers; in fact most are practical which renders them confident and fearless. On the flip side, they can be stubborn and a bit shy.

Gray Eyes

Beware: People with gray eyes are the coolest out there, and it makes them quite challenging to describe. In fact they can be inconsistent and extreme. One day, their eyes reflect a calm sea and others a raging storm. Some of them tend to stay on one these sides most of the time, making them either highly excitable or calm as a rock.

It has been noted that gray eyed individuals are of a prudent nature. Therefore, it takes them a lot of time to trust others. But when they do, they become some of the most helpful persons and they are quite nice to be around as they are the quiet type.

Blue Eyes

It seems like everybody’s preference is for blue eyes, as so much has been written about their beauty. They are viewed as the sexiest and most attractive eye color anyone can have. Sadly, blue eyes are disappearing with time, which makes them even more special, since kids from couples with one parent having blue eyes and the other brown usually turn out having brow eyes as well, since it is a dominant color.

They are often associated with happiness as boys and girls with blue eyes tend to be more cheerful. It also gives them an air of intelligence which others like and search for. They hate routine, and they like to live fully. They do tend to express their opinion quite strongly, which can sometime turn them into moody people and push them at the limit of love and hatred.

Green Eyes

Being the rarest color, green eyes make their owners part of an exclusive club. Women tend to be especially beautiful and in control of their lives (and of men too). There is sexiness and a magical side to them which renders them highly seductive. They show strong emotions, patience and are usually very good listeners. But they can also become quite aggressive if they feel they have to and when they do so, it’s better to just move out of their way.