Drinking Pickle Juice to Pass a Drug Test? You May Want to Think Twice about it!

Some myths are difficult to put an end to. Especially when there are particular testimonies that seem to make them a reality instead of wishful thinking. It is the case with the idea that drinking pickle juice can actually enable someone to pass a drug test, even if they have indeed taking drugs recently. There isn’t any miracle, however, and drinking the acidic liquid on the same day of the test won’t save you. Except…

Why People see it as a Possible Solution?

It is the acidic content of the pickle juice that started the idea that by drinking it, you could cheat a drug test. The results would show negatives when in fact you have been taking drugs recently. The theory is that the acetic acid, which is the main component of pickle juice (it is vinegar), will neutralize the THC metabolites, making it impossible for laboratory analysis to pick them up.

While it is true that vinegar is a natural way to detox from drugs, it won’t work in one day and it won’t have the effect that you would be looking for when trying to pass a drug test. That hasn’t stopped many people to try it for more than a decade now! The result is (almost) always the same: the person fails the test. But why are there exceptions to the rules?

Two Ways to Use the Juice

If you do a search on the internet on how to beat a drug test with pickle juice, you will discover that it proposes two solutions. The first is to drink the pickle juice and the second one is to add it to your urine test. The first one is much easier than the latter since you’ll probably be observed when you pee. Therefore, it won’t be possible for you to add anything to what comes out of your body. But when we say “easy”, it might not be the right word…

To do so, you would have to drink one gallon of water in which you would have distilled one teaspoon of vinegar. The taste of it is quite enough for someone to gag on it and vomit it back out. And that is not the only bodily problem you will have with such ingestion. It is most probable that it will also cause diarrhoea as well. This juice also contains a lot of salt, which will make you extremely thirsty.

But if you decide to do it, then you should drink the liquid steadily in the hours before the drug test and pee as much as possible to remove the largest quantity of THC metabolites as possible. The theory is that the acetic acid will mask or neutralize the metabolites, and scientifically it simply does not work.

Why Do People Say it has worked for them?

Yes, there are many testimonies on the internet of people saying that they passed the drug test with flying colours after drinking pickle juice. But unless you have been staying under a rock for many years now, you probably know that there is a lot of fake news on the internet, so don’t believe everything you read.

For those who did manage to pass the test, chances are it happened simply because of the dilution that occurred by peeing a lot. But you can do that without adding vinegar to the water! Just drinking a lot of water for a few hours before the test will lower the concentration of THC-COOH in your urine. Will it be enough to cheat the test? Possibly. But one thing is certain: There are no scientific proofs that drinking pickle juice will affect the result of a drug test in any way.

What Can Go Wrong?

There might be more negative effects than benefits to drinking pickle juice before a urine drug test. You should know that if you have an ulcer or problems with your kidneys, drinking this mix can be dangerous for your immediate state of health. Also, if you use potassium to lower diuretics, you have to stay away from that method which would oppose directly what you are currently doing to stay healthy.

You should remind yourself that the authorities requesting urine drug tests have seen it all before, including drinking pickle juice to cheat. There are ways for them to know that you have tried to hide the fact that you have taken drugs. When you drink such liquid, the metabolites concentration may go down but it won’t be the only thing that will; your creatinine level will go down as well.

Drinking water, without vinegar, will also have the same results. The lab technician will most certainly be on the look-out for these data, and you could be accused of trying to cheat a drug test. Then, you would find yourself with a whole new problem on your hands.