Author: Marc L.

Why measure blood sugar levels?

How to regulate blood sugar levels

Nowadays, people are likely to consume more food than what they actually need. More often than not, food contains lots of sugar which can result in having too much glucose in your body. Therefore, it is important to know how to control your blood sugar level, or in other words, to keep it not too […]

Pro-Ana Diet Guide for Beginners

Practice Pro-Ana diet to lose weight rapidly

Bodyweight is often one of the biggest concerns for women of all ages. Therefore, it is no surprise that women try to find the best way to lose weight, whether it be exercising, or following a low carb diet, or even taking loss pills. That said, did you ever hear about the Pro-Ana diet? Find […]

A complete guide on how to use Nyquil

Caugh calming syrup

Nyquil is a well-known medication which treats the common cold. It is usually used to relieve coughing, the flu and similar illnesses. Although Nyquil is a common over-the-counter medication that you might have taken once or twice in your life, many people still have questions about its use. If you were wondering how long does […]

How do I log into my HR CVS?


Everyone working at CVS needs to be enrolled into the program MyCVSHR. This is a direct link between CVS employees and the management team, as well as Human Resources. It enables employees to manage their daily life inside the company in a much simpler way, and for their manager to provide them with the info […]