Welcome to the Garfield County Memorial Hospital

The Garfield County Hospital District

The Garfield County Hospital Ditrict is not only a hospital, but a community home for patients. Cares are handled by compassionate and dedicated staff and supported by the latest technology. By getting your treatments at the Garfield County Hospital District, you will not only enter a health establishment but a whole family.

Additionally to creating home and building community, one of the main value of the Garfield County Hospital District is to redefine rural healthcare experience. Indeed, nowadays, it becomes harder and harder to find quality healthcare in rural areas and too many patients who cannot afford to go to big cities to get proper treatments just end up with no suitable healthcare at all. For that reason, the Garfield County Hospital District has as a main mission to bring back top-quality healthcare into rural areas.

Another notable purpose of this hospital is to care for all generations, meaning that they seek to ‘honor the wisdom of the past, live with the realities of the present and maintain a vision for the future’. Bu thinking this way, they are actually able to provide adapted care for any generation, from respecting the elderly person’s wish not to take antibiotics to the young patient who expects new technology medicine. This is what they believe to be the best way to reach a sustainable healthcare system.

Their other core values include caring, loyalty, quality, safety. Caring is the gift of devoting oneself to the service of mankind, which each member of staff provides with love. Loyalty is provided by mutual respect, collaboration and team work in order to commit to lifting others up with encouragement and compassion by always giving more and better of themselves. Quality is reached by continuous learning and improvement, leading to exceptional performances and higher standards. Safety is guaranteed by a full dedication of the staff to safe practices and common sense during any treatment. Finally, as we already said, patient must not feel as patients but as members of a community, of a family, so that they can heal better and faster. Altogether, these values make the Garfield County Hospital District one of the most comfortable and efficient place for healthcare and healing.

At the Garfield County Hospital District, you will find a unique level of personalized care, regarded as one of the best in the state of Washington. This unique and very special sense of warmth and charm will make you feel like if you were treated at home. For instance, residents determine their own schedule and may engage activities program if they wish. They receive exceptional meals and transportation service and are cared for by a much capable and talented nursing team in a warm and friendly healing environment. Additionally, the emergency service certified medical and nursing staffs, as well as the diagnostic laboratory and radiology services are available 24h in order to provide prompt results and accelerate healing processes.

At the Garfield County Memorial hospital, you will also find a complete physical therapy service. Its staff believes that physical therapy is a way to transform society by optimizing movements in order to improve the human experience. Their pride is to provide personalized one on one care focused on achieving each patient’s goals to decrease pain and restore normal movement patterns, whatever the condition they suffer from.

As part of the Garfield County Memorial Hospital, you will also find the Pomeroy Medical Clinic, which is a rural establishment providing primary care to Pomeroy’s community and the surrounding area.


Garfield County Memorial Hospital

66 North Sixth Street

Pomeroy, WA 99347

Phone: 509-843-1591

Fax: 509-843-1234


Pomeroy Medical Clinic

446 Pataha Street

Pomeroy, WA99347

Phone: (509)-843-1491

Fax: (509)-843-1740


Opening hours:

Monday 8:00 am – 5 pm

Tuesday 7:00 am – 5 pm

Wednesday 7:00 am – 5 pm

Thursday 7:00 am – 5 pm

Friday 8:00 am – 5 pm